Parent and Child


Access your joy.

Sometimes your joy together is easy to access; other time, it seems hard to find. Mindfulness and movement practices can help bring depth and lightness to your connection with each other.

parent and child

There are moments when your child is an infant that it's impossible to imagine a connection stronger than the two of you share-- and other moments when the screaming baby, tantruming toddler, or moody six-year-old seems like a creature who dropped into your home to make your life miserable. As a middle and high school teacher, I experienced over and over again the maddening contradictions of teenagers' self-expression, and frequently heard parents lament the loss of closeness they felt with their teenage child. These sessions will help you and your child connect more with yourselves and with each other. After an initial phone consultation, I will design a series of eight sessions-- a combination of individual and joint that can be customized to the age of your child and the number of parents attending-- that use a variety of movement and mindfulness techniques to help you rediscover hidden joys in each other and navigate life changes with strength, humor, and grace.

Sample Parent and Young Child: Your family has gone through some challenging transitions in the last year, and you aren't sure how to best help your child adjust. You've also been pretty stressed out and feel like you've lost some of the playfulness and patience you want to have with your child. I design sessions that allow you and your child to engage in creative expression, movement, breath-work, meditation, and intentional rest individually and together. You leave feeling freshly oxygenated in your relationship with each other, and empowered with tools you can draw on to maintain and build your connection over time.

Sample Parent and Teen: Mutual resentment has become the most present part of your relationship with your teenager, despite your best efforts to connect. You are worried about your teen's safety and well-being and frustrated with your ineffectual attempts to reach out. You feel torn between desperately wanting to connect with and feeling really pissed off by your kid. I design sessions that give each of you an individual outlet for self-expression and embodiment using yoga asana, Yoga Tune Up(R), self-massage, meditation, and vision boarding. Then I bring you together for partner activities that help you laugh, smile, and reconnect. You leave feeling better about your child, your child feels better about you, you both feel better about yourselves, and you are empowered with skills to use in smoother and tougher times alike.