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Put on your own oxygen mask first.

To be the best you can be for your family, you have to take care of yourself. I can help.

Individual sessions are tailored to meet your unique needs in your life as a parent. I will listen carefully to your story, and design a series of personalized sessions that meet you where you are and help you get to where you want to be. Sessions draw on yoga asana, meditation, intention-setting, self-massage, functional strength and stability exercises, and a range of other mindfulness and movement practices. After a free initial phone conversation, you sign up for a series of five sessions, with multiple extension options as desired. I design an initial set of session plans, and we both approach the plan with flexibility, making changes as needed to best serve you.

Sample Prenatal Client: You are experiencing the physical changes, and discomforts, of pregnancy, as well as the challenges of preparing logistically and emotionally for parenthood. I design sessions that combine prenatal yoga asana, birth visualizations, pain management, core and hip strength, breath-work, meditation, and vision mapping to help you feel calm and centered as you prepare to welcome your baby.

Sample Parent of an Adolescent: Your teenager is driving you crazy, and work is stressful. You feel stuck in a cycle of negative interactions with your child. Initially, you most seek physical release, and I design yoga asana and Yoga Tune Up(R) practices for you, along with self-massage. As the fog begins to lift, I incorporate more meditation, visualizations, and intention-setting into your sessions, to help you shift the relationship patterns between you and your child.

Sample Parent of Young Children: Your wrist, thumb, and hip have hurt pretty much since your child was born, but you haven't felt like you had the tools or space to deal with it. You are always "on" for others, but are feeling out of touch with yourself. I design sessions using exercises, self-massage, and breath-work to help you live more comfortably in your body, as well as meditation and creative expression to reconnect with your core being. I help you create more space for yourself, from which you can be more fully present with your family.