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Workshops for PTSOs, teacher professional development, parents' groups, corporate working parent support, yoga studios, and your unique group.


I design and facilitate workshops for parents, children, and the people who work with them. This could be a session offered by an employer to support working parents through mindfulness practices, a session for teachers about how to practice physical and emotional self-care to support them in their demanding work, a session for parents and children hosted at a local yoga studio, or something to meet the unique needs of your group. Workshops can range in length from one to four hours and will be tailored to your specifications.

Sample Parent/Teen Workshop: A yoga studio wants to host a workshop for parents and teens to increase their closeness at an age when the forces of separation are strong, and develop healthy connections that allow for healthy independence. I design and facilitate a session combining breathing exercises, individual and partner yoga asana, parent/child and group discussion, and meditation that helps parents and teens feel more centered and secure in their relationships with themselves and each other.

Sample Working Parent Workshop: A large corporation wants to support employees who are parents by offering a stress-management workshop. After familiarizing myself with the concerns and needs of workers at this business, I design and facilitate a session that incorporates journaling, trust-building, breath-work, and meditation. Participants leave feeling more supported by their employer in the work of parenting, and empowered with tools to help them balance work and family in a sustainable way.