Parenting Pairs

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Parent better, together.

Parenting together can be a huge joy and a huge strain. Let's work to maximize the one, and minimize the other.

Parenting Pairs

Pair sessions are designed to help two people who are parenting together connect more fully with yourselves, each other, and your children, whether you are life partners, divorced co-parents, birth parent and step parent, or any other relationship. I will listen carefully to each of your stories, and design a series of sessions with each individual and with the two of you together that meet you where you are and help you get to where you want to be. After an initial phone conversation, you sign up for a series of eight sessions-- three per person alone, and two together--with extension options as desired. Sessions incorporate a variety of modalities for each individual and for the two of you as a pair. 

Sample Postnatal Parents: You are short on sleep, pretty sure you're doing this whole parenting thing wrong, and starting to get pretty snippy with one another. You're also totally awed by the beautiful baby you've brought into the world and sharing some of the most intense moments of joy you've ever felt. I design sessions to help each of you embody your new role as a parent using yoga asana, Yoga Tune Up(R), self-massage, and meditation, as well as sessions for the two of you to deepen your connection using gratitude journaling, visualization, and partner movement. You leave feeling empowered by a variety of tools you can draw on to support yourselves and each other, and better able to enjoy parenting together.

Sample Parents of a Struggling Child: Your elementary school child is encountering some physical and academic challenges. You two are doing everything you can to help-- bringing your child to specialists and therapists, etc.-- but you're suffering, individually and as a couple, from the stress and worry of it all. I design sessions that help you access deep relaxation and ok-ness through self-massage, breath-work, intentional rest, physical movement, and creative expression. I take care of you so that you will be better able to take care of yourselves, each other, and your child. You leave feeling like the oxygen mask is back on your face and that you have more skills to help your family thrive in both harder and easier times.